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14 - Aug
Building Cyber Trust

A presentation submitted at

The Privatization & Liberalization of Services Versus Integration Best practices Conference and Launching CIEL Website

21 - Sep
Data Protection

By:  Dr Salah A. Rustum / President CIEL  &IT & Internet Association

From Software to Safeware

IT security has become a subject…

14 - Aug
Symantec to Sell Web Certificate Business? Certificates to Start Being Distrusted in August

How will this impact customers and partners and what should you do right now?

While it may only be a rumor right now that Symantec is exploring the sale of its web certificate…

31 - Aug
Doing more than any other CA - our SSL mission

We issued our first SSL Certificate in 1996, we provide SSL security to over 100M domains around the world, many of which are household names. When you choose a CA, you choose a security partner.…

21 - Aug
Super Malware “Industroyer” Threatens Power Grid


Entering the summer months and all we thought to worry about was sunburn and tick bites. Now, according to this

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