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PKI implementation

Only GlobalSign gives you the strongest SSL encryption, the fastest secure page load time and around the clock malware & phishing protection for your website.

GlobalSign is doing more than any other Certificate Authority to improve how you use and rely on SSL.

Support and Training

CIEL / GlobalSign provides technical support for our customers free of charge except where noted otherwise. Customers can raise an incident at any time with CIEL / GlobalSign. An "incident" is defined as the resolution of a single technical question, problem or issue, regardless of the…

Green energy consulting

Green Energy has been defined now as “Clean Nature Friendly Energy” not based on oil since the pollution round the World has caused much sufferings to the very same people who are producing electricity from the use of Oil.

We at CIEL, have undertaken the responsibility to awaken…

RFID consulting

RFID – Radio Frequency Identification is the new trend and technology of identifying objects, products, and locations.

There is a lot of similarity in applications between RFID and extracting identity and position information from video data from a CCTV camera. Both of them provide…

CRM consulting

CIEL / CRM consulting services help companies acquire, develop and retain more profitable customer relationships through a broad range of capabilities, available in the software solution market, that address every aspect of the customer experience. We help our clients analyze their CRM needs, understand…

Archiving solution consulting

CIEL / Archiving solution services, is about working with prospects and customers alike to evaluate and choose the right document management and archiving solution. The archiving solution is about storing scanned documents and existing electronic files and to make them available for easy retrieval,…

Bar Coding Consulting

Bar Coding was first introduced and implemented in the markets of the United States of America with a 12 digit Bar Code. Europe followed and introduced a 13 digit Bar Code which numbers are unique Worldwide and later an 18 digit followed, and at a later stage,  a 22 digit was introduced  after…

Secure, online digital & electronic signatures

SigniFlow is a core workflow and cryptographic electronic signature engine that works, either on its own, or fully integrated with existing core business systems.

SigniFlow utilises the most advanced & trusted electronic…

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