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CIE of Lebanon (CIEL)

Company Overview

Fouded in 1974, CIEL focuses exclusively on Cyber security, its flagship product is being the exclusive distributor of GlobalSign products specifically Web SSL certificates, email personal signatures, MS and PDF digital signatures and finally, devices, including smartphones, iphones and Ipad tablets.. Our goal is to become the leader in establishing Global Trust on the net in the Lebanese market and the MENA Region, based on internationally accepted standards

The objective of CIEL is to improve the efficiency of the electronic communications and the provisions of quality products and services with an added value to resellers and end users. CIEL is the only local vendor with offices in Lebanon and among the first, if not the first provider, of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). CIEL is committed to addressing safety on the net in Lebanon and the Region.

 Its founder and CEO Dr. Salah Rustum, has been preaching about the importance on the internet security for companies and users alike since 1998. Today, CIEL continues to bring industry-leading technology, innovative marketing and distribution strategies, and expertise in PKI project implementations to the local market and region. As a result, CIEL continues to deliver quality products, outstanding customer service and Internet crime fighting expertise.

The purpose of CIEL / GLobalSign alliance is to protect your Internet activities, be it a simple application form filled on a web page, or transacting on the internet via web sites, and any electronic medium. In other words,  your personal Internet safety.

Fighting Internet Crime Is Our Specialty

We focus on the needs of financial, government and educational institutions, as well as small companies with presence on the net, across all industries, also individual users seeking safety on the net. It's what we dedicate ourselves to every day. Our commitment to you enables us to tailor all aspects of our operations and policies to your needs. That means more efficient safety measures and a proactive approach to safely conduct business on the internet.

About GlobalSign

GlobalSign was formed in 1996 as one of the Internet's original trust service providers (technically known as Certification  Authorities). Over the years we have issued millions of trusted Digital Certificates to people, servers and mobile devices for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) enabled solutions and applications.

GlobalSign Digital Certificates protect the data and transactions of numerous Fortune 100 companies and Governments all around the world. Our automation technologies allow organizations to transform how they use SSL across networks and into the Cloud. Our solutions take the pain out of using cryptography and allow organizations to benefit from secure workflows, increased productivity and the peace of mind.

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