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Doing more than any other CA - our SSL mission

We issued our first SSL Certificate in 1996, we provide SSL security to over 100M domains around the world, many of which are household names. When you choose a CA, you choose a security partner. In our role as your security partner, we believe in transparency around our vision and mission.

Our mission: to improve how CAs deploy SSL and end users rely on SSL.

How we achieve this is unique:

1. We help customers avoid SSL/TLS vulnerabilities on their web servers

Through free exploit remediation tools we help organizations avoid SSL/TLS vulnerabilities like BEAST and CRIME. The SSL Configuration Checker performs a web based, passive analysis of the SSL/TLS implementation on the web server and provides a unique remediation wizard to help website owners follow SSL/TLS best practices.

2. We help reduce secure site load time

Our OCSP & CRL validation infrastructure is one of the fastest available allowing GlobalSign SSL customers to receive the fastest secure site load speeds available today. Because we distribute Certificate status information via 29+ global datacenters, our customers suffer no geographical delay on the billions of requests for Certificate statuses – all with 100% uptime.

GlobalSign is the first (and so far only CA) to commit to merging performance with security, enabling technologies like Always-On-SSL for sites of all sizes, not just the big guys.

3. We provide ongoing, high value, security services

We believe the relationship with our customers begins when we issue a Certificate. We partner with best in class technology providers to provide ongoing security services throughout the lifetime of the Certificate.

4. We drive the standards and best practices across the CA industry, and into new sectors

GlobalSign is a founding member of the CA/B Forum. Working to stay ahead of the curve, GlobalSign issued certificates using 2048 bit roots since 1998, long before it was recommended by the CA/B Forum, and recently introduced support for certificate revocation services in IPv6, and industry first for all CAs. As well as driving standards that directly affect SSL, we also help new verticals such as the energy sector define regulation and adopt PKI standards.

GlobalSign is the Only high–scale CA ready for the Internet of Everything 

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