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Support And Training

CIEL / GlobalSign provides technical support for our customers free of charge except where noted otherwise. Customers can raise an incident at any time with CIEL / GlobalSign. An "incident" is defined as the resolution of a single technical question, problem or issue, regardless of the number of contacts, with CIEL / GlobalSign, required to resolve it.

The scope of software technical support provided by CIEL / GlobalSign is limited to: i) assisting the customer with the proper operation or installation of GlobalSign Digital certificates ; ii) explaining or clarifying the functionality of the cetificates and associated manuals, and iii) resolving or assisting the work-around of any errors or malfunction with the Digital certificates. It is beyond the scope of CIEL / GlobalSign technical support to explain any of the underlying science, literature, regulations, or policies which may be employed by GlobalSign.  

Customers may contact CIEL / GlobalSign technical support via telephone at 961-01-285-666, or email at Following initial contact, the customer must provide the following information:
•   User  name and contact information
•   Type of certificate in question, browser, email software used and/or document type.
•   To expedite the request, the customer should also have as much information, as possible regarding the issue being reported, including error messages, snapshots of screens, etc…

Technical support will be provided in English and Arabic, between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Beirut time, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.
CIEL / GlobalSign technical support engineers will document all support provided to the customer, and upon resolution of the incident. CIEL / GlobalSign shall endeavor to respond to technical support inquiries in a prompt manner, usually within 4 hours.

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