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RFID Consulting

RFID – Radio Frequency Identification is the new trend and technology of identifying objects, products, and locations.

There is a lot of similarity in applications between RFID and extracting identity and position information from video data from a CCTV camera. Both of them provide information that can be used as identity information to a computer program for processing.

Video data however is very difficult to use for most computer systems. The issue is that computers are very slow devices compared to video sensors. A video picture has typically 200 000 data points in each picture and these arrive 50 times per second.

Also the organization of the data stream is such that two pixels that are next to each other in the image are often far removed in the data from the device. Computers like to work with data that is very close by and the problem is contained.

We at CIEL have a relationship with the father of RFID technology and companies worldwide that support this technology

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