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The Auto Enrollment Gateway is a software service that acts as a connector between GlobalSign's SaaS certificate services and an organization's Windows environment, simulating aspects of an on-premise Certificate Authority (e.g. Microsoft CA) while forwarding all certificate enrollment requests to GlobalSign. GlobalSign manages the security, high availability, and CA operations, while organizations retain control of users and policies. Microsoft Active Directory Logo

The integration with Active Directory allows for quick and seamless certificate registration and provisioning without sacrificing control. By configuring AD Group Policies, the administrator dictates which users or machines are allowed which type of certificates, which are then issued from GlobalSign's highly available and secure World Class CA. By leveraging GlobalSign's expertise around cryptography and certificate management, organizations reduce their risk of data breach and service disruption.

The gateway can be used to enroll and issue certificates to all types of Active Directory Objects, including users, servers, desktops, laptops, and Domain Controllers.

Simplified Enterprise Certificate Management

  • Lower costs and simplify deployment of Digital Certificates by reducing internal IT administration for CA management and leveraging Active Directory to avoid manual certificate registration and installation
  • Reduce the risk associated with managing, maintaining, and securing an in-house PKI operation by utilizing a WebTrust-audited public CA with industry standard documented and audited certificate practices and policies
  • Support specific business unit needs by choosing a Certificate Authority that can support delivery of end user and device certificate requirements to enable PKI applications across a range of assurance levels, including SSL, smartcard logon, machine authentication, S/MIME, and user authentication

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