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Ongoing Security for your Website

GlobalSign SSL is more than just a padlock. It also keeps your website safe and secure around the clock.

  • . Phishing Compromise Alerts
  • . Malware Alerts
  • . SSL Configuration Checker

Phishing Compromise Alertsnetcraft

Do not let cyber-criminals use your website to host their phishing attack pages. Attackers exploit vulnerabilities on your webserver to bury phishing attack pages deep into your website. Our partnership with Netcraft means GlobalSign SSL customers receive around the clock alerts should the Netcraft Phishing Neighbourhood Watch identify a phishing page and you will be notified of its location in your website.

Malware Scanningstopthehacker

et timely alerts to remove malware from your website before your domain is blacklisted by Google in its search results. Attackers exploit vulnerabilities on your webserver to use your website to distribute viruses and steal confidential data from your customers. Our partnership with StopTheHacker provides daily to hourly malware scans across all pages on your GlobalSign secured domain, and should malware be detected, we will alert you instantly.

SSL Configuration CheckerQualys

Don't be a BEAST or CRIME victim, we can help you to fix these vulnerabilities! Configuring your webserver for SSL protocol best practices can be difficult, which is why most webservers are badly configured and vulnerable to many SSL exploits. Our SSL Configuration Checker allows you to check your server configurations for known SSL/TLS vulnerabilities and guides you through fixing them.

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