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iOS Certificates

The easiest way to control which devices access your networks

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Price : 425$ (10 pack ePKI for Identity Certificates)

iOS Identity Certificates

GlobalSign's iOS Identity Certificates are a perfect fit for the 'bring your own device' era. An easy to implement and cost-effective device authentication solution, iOS Identity Certificates use certificate-based authentication to allow organizations to balance employee desire to use their own iOS devices for work and the need to protect against unauthorized access to key business applications.

GlobalSign's iOS Identity Certificates for Enterprises:
  • Streamline business processes and decision making with device access anytime, anywhere
  • Mitigate BYOD risk to core business systems through certificate-based authentication
  • Avoid expensive and intrusive MDM solutions that relinquish employee control of their mobile devices, but have the ability to configure certain security policies and restrictions

iOS in the Enterprise

Every day the number of Enterprises and employees relying on iOS devices to conduct business is increasing, giving Enterprises and users flexibility to stay connected whether in the office or on the road. While this increased level of connectivity is beneficial for the Enterprise, opening sensitive business services to mobile device users creates serious security risks and vulnerabilities that must be addressed.

How it Works:

1. Configure restrictions and authentication policies for your devices using Apple's free Configuration profile utility. Restrictions and authentication policies include access to Microsoft Exchange, ActiveSync, Wi-FI Networks, installation of applications, use of camera, and many more.

2. Import/upload completed configuration profile to GlobalSign ePKI portal.

3. Order and issue iOS Authentication Certificates against the uploaded configuration profile.

4. IOS Certificates are issued and delivered using SCEP over the air enrollment. This means the certificate will be delivered directly to the iOS device and the keys are generated on the device and are not exportable; thus a very secure certificate delivery process.

5. Device user completes certificate installation process and can use device based on restrictions the administrator setup.

For more information on Digital Certificates for iOS, please see the Apple Support Documentation: iPhone in Business - Digital Certificates

GlobalSign's ePKI Platform

GlobalSign's iOS Identity Certificates are available via GlobalSign's web-based management platform known as ePKI, allowing Enterprises to manage the lifecycle of multiple digital certificates for the entire Enterprise.

The ePKI platform also allows for streamlined distribution of configuration profiles using the iPhone configuration utility, including passcode policies, Wi-Fi, VPNs, Exchange ActiveSync, or applications.

SSL reselling automation direct integration available for: